What we do

Our Practices

Practice Capital Markets

Capital Markets are impacted by the rapid changes on the regulatory & technology landscape. Hence our experienced team of Experts, Business analysts, Technical Analyst, QA & Project Managers are working together with client teams in order to address the complex and high regulated market. Cartezian wil help you choose and implement the right software solution tailored to your business. We collaborate as one team with our client to acheive objectives with reduced costs. We advice on the modern & open architecture, easy to be integrated in your ecosystem and to be extended to your business capabilities. Cartezian capitalize on a deep exeprience in Capital Markets throught many successfull implementations of software solutions like Calypso, Murex, Kondor & Summit.

Practice Asset Management

Cartezian will advise you to select the best Asset Management solutions in the market. We beleive on the digitalisation to enhance your business by onboarding all your ecosystem in one digital solution supporting cross device and cross channel solutions. We think also on the innovation & automatization of the business process in order to emimnate manual tasks and reduce the opertional risks. Our experts have a long experience on the software implementation and deep technical & funcional knowledges on the investment process including Portfolio Management, Workflows Set Up, Performance optimization, Regulatory compliance, Risk Management, Reporting & Accounting. We support our clients on their software testing by using approved tools to automate the pre-defined test packs and ensure the non-regression tesing. We work as one team with our project client team to ensure a good transition to the target opertaing model.

Practice Digital Banking & Payments

Digital channels becomes a must for banks worldwide. Banks need solutions that is secure, offering a superior experience accross multiple devices with rich user experience coupled with intelligent decision-making capabilities. Cartezian has a remarkable track record in the payments and core banking modernization. Our experts can help you to acquire the right solution for you core banking.

Practice Agility & Devops

Cartezian bring a deep expertise on the agile methodology and latest DevOps thinking to the major Banking & Financial Services solutions. Agile & DevOps practice based on the repository of knowledges can provide resources highly qualified on the project management methodology and DevOps expertise. We enable our clients to get new features and products to market faster with no blocked issues and greater cost saving that can be invested elsewhere in the business.